A long way home

After taking the only right decision to turn around and go back to Chile to ship Humphrey back home, we were looking forward to those places and things that we would not have seen had we carried on northwards. First of all this includes Arequipa, the second-largest city in Peru. A wonderful city, founded in […]

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We never guessed that we would ever travel to 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) of altitude. And even less so with Humphrey. Accordingly, we were quite excited. Particularly as our experience on our excursion to the Salar de Tara two days before was not the best, when I felt quite dizzy at 4,800 meters. Maybe it […]

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Atacama Desert

After our unplanned stop in Germany we finally set off for the desert, to be close to the stars. 2,500 kilometers lay ahead of us and we obviously wanted to see and experience things on the way. We therefore did not take the direct route to the desert. What would have been the point of […]

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Rally Austral

Much if not everything in life depends on whether you are in the right place at the right time or whether you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The question why this is the case remains unanswered. Some call it fate, others don’t care and some keep looking for the answer. The […]

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Parque Nacional Patagonia

If there is one place so far that needs to find special mention then it is Parque Nacional Patagonia in Chile, directly on the border to Argentina. After we decided not to take the ferry up from Puerto Natales to the Carretera Austral but rather to go back up Ruta 40, crossing into Chile via […]

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Hiking Patagonia

To avoid boredom during our time in Patagonia, we have hiked roughly 200 km here and have covered roughly 9,000 meters of altitude difference, obviously uphill and back downhill. And once again we have learned things about others and obviously also about ourselves. Parque Nacional Conguill√≠o –¬†Sendero Sierra Nevada The first realization is that – […]

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Epic Patagonia

One million square kilometers, two inhabitants per square kilometer. So triple the size of Germany and most importantly 229 inhabitants less per square kilometer. It’s fairly empty in large parts of Patagonia, this area in the southern part of Argentina and Chile, shrouded in legend. For us this is feel good country. Distributed over 17 […]

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Why do we travel? Do we travel to see new places, to have been there? To set a checkmark? To take the same picture that have been taken a million times by others and that is already on the internet in as many versions? To take a selfie and to tell the world how cool […]

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The White Continent

One preliminary remark: As you cannot go to Antarctica in your own vehicle, we did not take Humphrey along. Unfortunately. Even worse, we needed to travel in a group. We therefore bit the bullet and while Humphrey sailed on the San Clemente through the Panama Canal towards the Pacific, we sailed with a group of […]

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Let’s go somewhere

Dreams are great. Mostly they are something far away and unreachable. We love to revel in them and share them with friends. Some remain unreachable and therefore always remain dreams. Others can be made reality. And you really should try to make them reality, also if they are no longer dreams but simply reality. This […]

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